Elect Rich Sullivan Walworth County District Attorney


Many of you have encouraged me to bring my over eighteen years of experience prosecuting the most serious crimes to my home county and to run for Walworth County District Attorney.  For those who do not yet know me, I have been prosecuting homicides, home invasions, drug crimes, and protecting child victims of sexual assault for over eighteen years in Rock County.  My wife and I have called Walworth County home for over fourteen years and have been raising our ten year old and eight year old sons here for their entire lives.  From coaching baseball and football in Walworth County, to our involvement in our church and schools, we have grown so close to many in our community.  I believe it is time that I bring the experience that I have gained in my years of fighting for crime victims to this county that we love so much.

Walworth County needs experience in our district attorney’s office.  Like so many offices across this great state, the experience level in our district attorney’s office has been impacted by high turnover rates.  This directly impacts the ability to bring services to the victims of crime in this community.  I have worked closely with victims of homicides, sexual assaults, domestic violence, and every other crime.  I am a member of different multidisciplinary teams, working closely with law enforcement to protect our communities from domestic violence and child abuse.  I have seen the scourge that heroin and other drug abuse has brought to families and the community.  I have worked closely with many different people to bring creative methods to combat crime.  I believe that the goal is to make sure that crime is not repeated.  In homicides, I have argued for sentences of life without the chance of release to ensure that crime is prevented.  In other cases, I have focused on evidence based techniques to try to break the cycle for those in the criminal justice system.  I have the experience to understand when programing will work and when prison is the only option.

Please join me in this quest.  I appreciate all the support that I have gotten already.  I pledge that I will be open to others’ suggestions, knowing that I do not have a corner on the market place of ideas.  Together I believe that we can make Walworth County a better place to work and live.  I ask for your support and look forward to meeting many more of my Walworth County neighbors.


Rich Sullivan

On August 9, 2016, and November 8, 2016, elect Rich Sullivan
Walworth County District Attorney




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